Smoked ham glazed with mustard, honey & clove

You will need

  • 1x whole smoked ham (with skin and fat on)
  • 200ml MezzeSoul pomegranate English mustard
  • 50ml Wild lavender honey 25 Cloves)
Smoked ham

Let's get busy

  • Remove the skin from the ham leaving a nice even layer of fat on the ham.
  • With a sharp knife make a criss cross pattern in the fat all over the ham.
  • At each intersection pierce the fat with a clove, repeat 25 times in a decorative manner.
  • In a sauce pan warm the MezzeSoul pomegranate English mustard & honey together mixing well.
  • Place the ham in a non-stick roasting tray and coat with the honey & MezzeSoul pomegranate.
  • Roast the ham at 180oC whilst regularly basting with the hot MezzeSoul dressing.
  • Ensure that the fat is soaking up the dressing and that it is caramelising and sticking.
  • Once you are satisfied that it is coated and glazed to your liking remove from the oven and cool quickly.
  • Slice and use as required.

To serve

To serve