MustardPomegranate English Mustard

Delicious chutney and caramelised onion flavours: ideal with cheese and cold meat.

Recipe ideas for this product:

  • Roasted breast of Quail glazed with pomegranate & English mustard.
  • Roasted English pork loin, glazed with pomegranate & mustard, topped with a tarragon, parmesan & brioche crumb.
  • Chicken schnitzel escalopes with fat fries and pomegranate and english mustard dipping sauce.
  • Honey roasted ham sandwiches with lettuce and Pomegranate and English Mustard sauce.

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MezzeSoul is a pomegranate sauce brand from Healthy Recipes, a family run business. We are bringing the heat, warmth and soul of the Mediterranean to the UK. read more...