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About Our Pomegranate Products

No artificial colourants. No preservatives. 100% natural sugars. 100% natural ingredients

The very best Mediterranean cuisine is always made with the freshest, high quality ingredients. MezzeSoul follows this proud tradition to bring you divine dining experiences every time.  Fresh pomegranate is often found in the secret recipes of many chefs. Now all its benefits can be in your kitchen. MezzeSoul pomegranate products—based on the proud legacy of Lebanese cuisine—is made entirely from natural ingredients. MezzeSoul not just a dressing and we encourage you to experiment and try some our recipes. Use MezzeSoul to lift mealtimes to a new level:

  • Drizzle onto your salad, sandwiches, or side vegetables.
  • Add it to the later stages of cooking for red meat or chicken dishes.
  • Marinade and glaze meat for the oven.

An ancient ingredient and symbol

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Pomegranate is found in the a number of ancient cultures and civilisations.

  • In Persian mythology pomegranate represented invincibility to warriors in the battle field
  • In Greek mythology, the pomegranate figures as a symbol of unbreakable wedlock
  • In ancient China, the pomegranate symbolised fertility and longevity The Babylonians looked at pomegranates as agents of resurrection
  • In Judaism, the number of pomegranate seeds are said to number 613, one for each of the Bible’s 613 commandments
  • In Christianity, the pomegranate symbolises fertility and often features in paintings of the Virgin and Child
  • In Islam the pomegranate is one of the fruits in paradise.

A breakthrough in cooking

Across the ages people have eaten pomegranate and enjoyed its fresh juice yet its secrets are only now being revealed to UK consumers. We have found a natural way to bring fresh pomegranate juice to your kitchen as the main ingredient in a condiment, a way to capture and preserve all the goodness in the pomegranate and keep all it’s wonderful qualities without boiling or using artificial preservatives.

The healthy fruit

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As well as creating a delightful Mediterranean warmth to dishes, pomegranate is considered as a healthy fruit with positive medicinal properties. Indeed, the pomegranate has a long history of as part of a healthy lifestyle.
Pomegranates are a rich source of phenolic compounds such as flavonoids, phenolic acids and tannins, meaning they are great antioxidants.

The fruit was commonly used in folk medicine. Pomegranates have also been used to reduce blood pressure, as hormone replacement therapy, to treat allergies and much more. 

The juice, peel and oil of pomegranates have also been shown to possess anti-cancer properties, including interference with tumour cell proliferation, cell cycle, invasion and angiogenesis. An amazingly versatile fruit!

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